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MB833 Biological Microscope Lcd LED Laboratory ECO


MB833 Biological Microscope Lcd LED Laboratory ECO

Optical system

Infinity color corrected optical system




Viewing head

30° gemel  binocular, 360° rotatable, adjustable eye-point  height  can  adapt  to operators  of  different  heights

30°gemel trinocular tube,360° rotatable, spectroscopical ratio R:T=50:50 adjustable eye-point height can adapt to operators of different heights

30°gemel trinocular tube,built-in gemel digital viewing head,360°rotatable,adjustable eye-point height can adapt to operators of different heights. built-in 6.3M,12M,20M digital modules for choice,USB 3.0 output

30°incined, built-in gemel digital head,360°rotatable, adjustable eye-point height can adapt to operators of different heights. Built-in 16M and 20M digital camera for optional,  WIFl or RJ45 network port output.  Support remote full resolution photo,support Hotspot/Client mode switch,support multi-viewer.


Wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/20mm,with reticle, diopter adjustable.

Wide field plan eyepiece PL10X/22mm,with reticle or grid plate,diopter adjustable.



Infinity plan achromatic objective(2X4X10X20X40X60X100X)

Infinity plan achromatic phase contrast objective(10X20X40X100X)

Infinity semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective(4X10X20X40X100X)


Quintuple nosepiece

Quintuple nosepiece(Brightness memory)


Double layers mechanical ceramic paint stage,precision:0.1mm [X-axis rackless ]; Clips for double sliders,moving range 78mm×51mm.


N.A.1.25 Koehler illuminator condenser(with socket for phase contrast and dark field accessories)with aperture diaphragm



LED fluorescent reflection



B4 TB-LED fluorescent module for TB,with intensity adjust knob,BF/FL switching knob, central wavelength455mm.

B1 band pass filter LED fluorescent module,with intensity adjust knob,BF/FL switching knob, central wavelength470mm.

B2 long pass filter LED fluorescent module,with intensity adjust knob,BF/FL switching knob, central wavelength470mm.

G1 band pass filter LED fluorescent module,intensity adjust knob,BF/FL switching knob central wavelength 560nm

UV4 long pass filter LED fluorescent module,with intensity adjust knob,BF/FL switching knob central wavelength 385nm.





100V-240V External transformer,3W LED with continuous intensity control.Type-c interface allows portable battery as a power source.USB port supports the microscope to charge a phone or tablet With ECO function.The body can supply power to fluorescent illuminator and Wi-Fi camera module

100V-240V External transformer,3W or 5W LED with continuous intensity control.Type-c interface allows portable battery as a power source.USB port supports the microscope to charge a phone or tablet. With ECO energy saving function, LCD display,objective brightness memory and color temperature adjustment function,the adjustment range:3000K-7000K.The body can supply power to fluorescent

lluminator and Wi-Fi camera module

Camera accessories

0.35X0.5X0.65X1X camera adapter,focusing adjustable

Other accessories

Frosted glass accessories,Dark-field accessories,phase contrast accessories,color filter telescope(φ30), high precision type/general type micrometer with 0.01mm scale value



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