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Biological Microscopes >> Multi-viewing Microscope
MV-10 Multi-viewing Microscope with 10©\heads Multi©\viewing attachment

This microscope offers best-in-class performance and value for clinical laboratory and research applications. The newly designed NIS optical system provides sharp, crisp images via Plan achromat or S-Plan APO objectives. The microscope's modular design is compatible with many accessories for research, fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield applications.

Optical System: NIS 60 Infinite Optical System
Eyepiece: SW10X/25
Viewing Head: Seidentopf Trinocular Viewing Head£¬inclined at 30¡ã,360¡ãRotatable, Interpupillary 47©\78mm
Objectives: N©\PLN Plan objective with 4X,10X,20X,40X,100X
Nosepiece: Sextuple Nosepiece
Condenser: Swing Condenser NA0.9/1.25
Illumination: Halogen Lamp 12V/100W or 3W S©\LED Lamp
Focusing on: Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment£¬Fine division 1um£¬Moving Range 35mm
Stage: Double Layers Mechanical Stage 190*152mm£¬moving range 78*32mm, right handle
Accessories£ºPower cord£¬ Cedar oil
10©\heads Multi©\viewing attachment: Including 9pcs of seidentopof binouclar heads and the 18pcs eyepieces

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