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Stereo Microscopes >> Zoom Stereo
Zoom7045 Stereo Microscope

Zoom7045 with plain stand

1, Zoom7045 Series Zoom Stereo Microscope High quality optical performance, various accessories and diversified combination specification. To meet high-precision requirements on modern biology, medicine, scientific research, inspection lines in modern electronics and other technology industries.

2, High quality optical system, and optical components coated with special coating created a high-quality optical system.

3, Standard magnification 7X~45X. Use optional auxiliary lens, the magnification can be 3.5X~180X.

4, Long working distance to create enough space for the uses.

5, Suit to ergonomic design, feel less fatigue when long time use.

Technical Specifications

high eye point wide field eyepiece WF10X/20mm ( can be mounted micrometer )
high eye point wide field eyepiece WF15X/15mm ( can be mounted micrometer )
high eye point wide field eyepiece WF20X/10mm ( can be mounted micrometer )
observation head
Zoom7045: binocular head , 45 tilt, continuous zoom lens 0.7X-4.5X, working distance 100mm. pupillary distance adjustment range of 54mm-76mm, depending on the degree of bilateral adjustable 5 diopter .
Zoom7045TR tee viewing head . 45 tilt , 360 rotation ; photographic camera can be equipped with the interface
Zoom7045V digital viewing head , built-in 3 million pixel CCD
auxiliary lens
0.5X/165mm. 1.5X/45mm. 2X/30mm.
focus brackets
A1 focus frames, focusing hand wheel adjustable elastic , lifting range 50mm.
A3 industrial binding Focus Frame 2 ( industry-specific )
A2L Column LED light base
other external sources
ring light / LED light / cold light illumination
photography device
Photography connected tube ( with PK bayonet ), 3.2X photo eyepiece
imaging device
0.35X/0.5X/1.0XC type camera connected tube

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