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Microscopy Cameras >> Cooled CCD cameras
1.4MP Mono Cooled CCD camera


  •  Scientific-grade CCD chip
  •  1.4Mega pixels resolution £¨1360X1024£©
  •  12 bit color RGB 
  •  progress scan
  •  USB2.0 output£¬used to take professional microscopic image


1.4MP mono Cooled CCD Camera

CCD chip manufacturer Sony
CCD chip model ICX205AL
CCD scan mode Progress
CCD size 1/2 inch
Pixels 4.65micron x 4.65micron
G sensitive 450 mV
Resolution 1360H x 1024V
Filter R, G, B buyer
Lens interface Standard C-mount
Maximum fps 12.5 fps (1360 x 1024)/15fps (680 x 520)
Low-speed readout ok
A/D conversion 12 bit
Peltier cooled -30 ¡æ below ambient
Exposure control automatic/manual
Exposure time 0.1ms-60minute
Angle light control Yes
White balance automatic/manual
Parameter image size¡¢bright¡¢gain¡¢exposure¡¢RGB
Data interface USB2.0/480Mb/s
USB cable 2.5meter
USB power supply USB2.0
Dimension 100mm*81mm*48mm(HXBXT)
Weight 480g
Operational temperature 0-60¡æ
Operational humidity 45%-85%
Storage temperature -20-70¡æ

Each camera include£º

1.4 MP Mono Cooled CCD Camera£¨standard C-mount¡¢1.8 meter USB cable£© 1
Driver¡¢software CD 1
Manual 1
Certification 1
Aluminum carton 1


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