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BSS-9 Digital Slide Scanner
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 BSS-9 Digital Slide Scanner
BSS-9 digital slide scanner is with the automatic microscopic scanning and software system to scan and seamlessly stitich the traditional glass slide to generate a full field digital slide. It is mainly composed of slides automatic loading system, optical imaging system, scanning platform, control system and supporting software. It can scan the panoramic image of traditional glass slide with high speed and high resolution. Through professional map reading software, the image file can be zoomed in and out, area measurement and annotation can be carried out, and the panoramic image can be realized by Internet remote transmission, browsing. The traditional mode of reading slide under microscope is changed, which is more conducive to the application of image diagnosis, digital teaching and scientific research.
 High precision scanning platform
The unique magnetic suction glass plate ensures the precise positioning of slide carrier, avoids repeated friction during loading and unloading, ensures smooth loading and prevents damage from falling during loading. Upscale maglev linear motor is adopted: running speed is 3.2m/s, acceleration is 8g. High precision full closed- loop drive control system: X / Y axis motion resolution 50 nm, Z axis motion resolution 50 nm. The repeated positioning accuracy of slide carrier is less than 0.1um.
 High speed scanning
Linear scanning technology, equipped with high- speed linear scanning camera. Ensure high speed, high quality and stable scanning imaging. It can perform 20 times and 40 times high speed scanning. The tissue area was 15 mm  15 mm, and the
scanning time of 20 times was less than 40 seconds.
 Clear, bright and uniform imaging
Standard 20x plan apochromatic objective, N.A. = 0.75. High NA objective lens provides high light flux, improves the resolution of objective lens, and makes the image clearer. The Illumination System adopts customized LED professional light source and compound eye lens technology to ensure ultra-high light energy utilization
and long-lasting uniform lighting.

 Professional image scanning,
management and browsing software

Batch scanning
Users can customize the scanning requirements,
customize and store the scanning area, location,
multiple, etc., and can quickly conduct batch


Picture management and browsing
Image storage and import function for long-term
archiving of experimental data
Image compression format support: JPEG, tiff,
BMP and other formats;
Scanning panoramic information digital slide
under different scanning times, annotation and
marking can be carried out
Standard teaching demonstration atlas can be
formed for teaching;



Scope of application

It can be used in light field slides such as HE stained slides, immunohistochemical stained slides, frozen section stained slides, special stained slides, immunocytochemical staining pictures, etc.


Slide capacity
Repeat positioning accuracy
Slide dimensions
Thickness: 0.9-1.2mm,
size: 26 * 76mm
Focus mode
Automatic focus, automatic search for
scanning samples,
It can also be set manually
20x plan apochromatic objective, N.A. = 0.8
Scanning mode
20x and 40x
Field of vision
Scanning resolution
Illumination System
Scanning platform
Upscale maglev linear motor. High precision full closed loop drive control system
Scanningiamge browsing and management
Scanning speed
Scanning area 15 mm  15 mm,  20 Scanning time  40 seconds

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