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MJ6040 Metallurgical Microscope
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With higher color correction and better coating design, new improved LMPlan series objectives enhance the image resolution and color reducibility.


With the most suitable viewing degree, 30¡ãinclined head holds everyone in the best working state, less tension and fatigue. You can adjust the interpupillary distance to optimum according to the scale on viewing head.


Reflected illuminator with field/aperture diaphragm and oblique light device, as well as slots for polarizing kit and filters, adopts LED Koehler illumination system.


Comparing with other LED, single 5W LED with warm white light (3000-3300K) reduces the fatigue on observer''s vision at the extreme.


With pull-rod devices for adjusting the centers of field and aperture diaphragm, stray light can be eliminated by expanding or shrink the illumination zone.


Simple polarizing observation is available with pluggable polarizer kit. More ideal images are here with different filters.


The highest sample can be tested is 28mm with transmitted & reflected frame while 78mm high sample is available with reflected frame, as the stage can be dropped 50mm by loosening the screw in the stage holder.


M4 wrench for socket head screws places in the frame, making the best of the available space and improving your working efficiency.


Up-limit device is helpful to avoid the damage caused by impact between sample and objective.


Using the outstanding condenser system of New designed RX50M, much more transmitted light can be through with bigger numerical aperture and stronger intensity.


Bright field, oblique light and simple polarizing are all available with CX40M. Brightfield image with high brightness and high resolution shows original color of samples. And oblique light is used to show 3D relief image.



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