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Zoom1080 8X-80X CMO Zoom Stereo Microscope with Adjustable Head
Time:2023-1-11 18:33:25    Click:2187

Zoom1080 8X-80X CMO Zoom Stereo Microscope with Adjustable Head


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  • Large 8X-80X continuous zoom magnification range with standard 10X focusable eyepieces.
  • High-resolution Common Main Objective (CMO) stereo microscope for laboratory use
  • Infinity-corrected optics and parallel light-paths eliminate keystone distortion
  • Large 10:1 zoom ratio using 0.8X-8X continuous-zoom optics
  • Tilting head with 0-30 adjustable incline and rotating ocular adjusters
  • Transmitted and reflected LED illumination for biological and industrial applications


    Microscope Head
    Head Type Binocular, 0-30 adjustable incline, 360 rotatable
    Optical System CMO stereoscopic
    Interpupillary Adjustment Rotating, 48mm-120mm
    Ocular-port Diameter 30mm
    Dioptric Adjustment none (use focusable eyepieces)
    Eyepieces 10X
    Objective Lens 1X
    Zoom Module 0.8X-8X continuous zoom
    Objective Numerical Aperture NA 0.105 @ 8X
    Objective Resolution 315 lp/mm @ 8X
    Native Field-of-View (10X Eyepieces) 2.75mm-27.5mm
    Native Working Distance 78mm
    Stand Type Track stand with integrated top and bottom illumination
    Reflected Illumination 3W LED
    Transmitted Illumination 8W LED
    Stage Illumination Plate Diameter 140mm
    Power 100-240VAC 50Hz/60Hz auto-switching wide-band


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